I am a hardworking and dedicated designer, passionate about fashion, lettering, social media, communication, and everything that conveys beauty into our life.

I’ve spent the past years working in three (very!) different countries: Italy, Finland and California. I speak Italian, English, French and I’m currently learning Dutch.

I’m also senior content editor at Picame, the leading Italian web magazine within Illustration and Visual Arts.

My work has been featured within “The new vocabulary of italian fashion” at Milan Triennale.


If you are interested in how my work can improve your business, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Clients include:

Skyscanner | HarperCollinsPapyrusSaatchi & SaatchiBellini | Trendi Mag | Demi Mag | Semi-Couture
Momonì | Rossimoda Group | Pocket and Pocket Jeunesse | Mondadori | Edizioni EL
OVS | Kite/Passepartout Editions | University of Padova